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Why Training?

I am passionate about project management and training. I have spent the last fourty years of my working life in project management. First half in project management in drainage industry and the second half in the IT and project management training working for multinational companies and government departments.

Most people are not trained and manage their work under a great deal of stress working all hours burning candles at both ends at the expense of their family life. Whereas if trained not only would they be able work without stress but they would actually work more efficiently and produce far more for their employer.

After being given his redundancy notice one of my delegates was offered MS Project and MS Access courses as a leaving present which he accepted. On completing half his project course he phoned his line manager and said “If you had sent me onto this course when I joined you instead of when I am leaving you, I could have done 10 times more work for you”.
And of course the oldest excuse is “well we train them and they leave us”. Do not worry about people you train and leave you, worry about the people you don’t train and stay with.

Training your staff is not an option.

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March 2018