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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used incredibly widely. Having a good understanding of how Excel works is a key skill for any office worker today. Spreadsheets let you store and organise data in a grid of rows and columns. It lets you control and process your data by using formulas and functions. In it’s most simple applications, it can be used to summarise data showing totals, averages and also to very quickly produce graphs and charts. However, it is an extremely powerful and flexible tool and is used in a very wide variety of far more complicated applications. It is used for applications as different as producing full financial models for businesses or groups of businesses and statistically analysing scientific data.

Led by highly experienced Excel trainers with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks.

One-to-one or group bookings can also be arranged on dates to suit you and customised to your specific requirements, you can also specify which version of Excel you would like to be trained on.

Introduction to Excel

  • Software and Screen Overview
  • Document Management
  • Auto Features
  • Creating Spreadsheets
  • Data Entry
  • Basic Formulas
  • Formatting
  • Basic Functions
  • Charts
  • Auto Filter
  • PrintingTitles
  • Sort
  • Headers & Footers
  • Templates
  • Saving Documents in other formats

Advanced Excel

  • Customising the Ribon
  • Advanced Charts
  • 3D Formulas and Linking
  • Advanced Functions
  • Grouping and Auditing
  • Scenarios
  • Goal Seek and Solver
  • Consolidation
  • Validation
  • Subtotals and Outlining
  • Databases and Databas Functions
  • Data Formand Advanced Filter
  • Input Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Macros


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January 2022